Corporate pedigree and multi-disciplinary solutions for an in-depth approach to Public Law.

Partners of the Firm, Filippo Pacciani, Alessandro Botto, Giuseppe Abbruzzese and Cristina Martorana, are the leaders of a diversified and close-knit group.

The team’s characteristic is a specialised and widespread view on the subject. Its extensive experience in the most important areas of the profession, for example litigations, as well as working closely with other departments of the Firm, are the key for a global service tailored to the clients’ needs and businesses.

Corporate vocation and expertise make the Administrative Law Department a true point of reference for industrial and financial operators in relation to contractual matters with public institutions or public utilities and for urbanistic, energy and environmental issues requiring legal/contractual advice.


  • comprehensive advice regarding tenders or competitive bidding for public procurements and for complex Public-Private Partnerships – PPP (i.e. public services, real estate, financial);
  • transformation of the territory, implementation planning, agreements, environmental procedures for the development or transformation of shopping malls/centres, logistic centres, corporate headquarters, residential areas, hotels and resorts, and last but not least, requalification of industrial areas;
  • management of relationships with public institutions for building permits, or authorisations to operate any size activities (medium/large size retail, accommodation industry, food and beverage sales);
  • consultancy and legal advice on environmental law and energy, identification and management of the authorisation paths, including environmental impact assessment for the acquisition of the required titles for the development;
  • construction and management of renewable, conventional and waste energy plants. As well as storage and/or transportation of natural gas and any procedure for connecting these plants to the national energy grid;
  • due diligence activities for M&A transactions, takeover and sale of buildings and energy production plants, funding or refunding through project finance or the emission of bonds;
  • consultancy and legal advice on pricing and regulatory issues in any sector, including power and gas supply;
  • drafting and negotiation of contracts in the areas mentioned above, both between private parties and private-to-public;
  • organisational relationships with Authorities;
  • development of legislative models and regulatory texts;
  • legal assistance before the administrative and auditing courts;
  • arbitrations for public procurements, grants and energy law issues.