Legance is strongly committed to a Sustainability Policy

This Policy, managed by a Sustainability Committee, involves on the one hand several pro bono activities, aimed at offering free legal assistance to people and communities who are in need of support; and on the other hand includes assistance in legal and non-legal matters (with the support of the Firm’s staff) in favour of organisations which promote and support human rights and the rule of law.

Since its foundation, Legance’s partners have also created and supported a nonprofit organisation called Ri-Diamo, which – with the voluntary support of each partner, professional and staff – selects and financially supports specific projects for needy people and communities.
Over the years, we have carried out a long list of projects, this just gives us more incentive to keep supporting and cooperating with Ri-Diamo.

Legance has always supported equal opportunities between men and women and does not allow any form of direct or indirect discrimination based on age, gender, sexuality, physical integrity, race, nationality, religious and political beliefs. Pursuant to this directive, Legance has drafted a Gender Equality Policy, available here.