Alessandro Botto

Title: Partner
Office: Rome
Languages: English, Italian

Alessandro Botto is a partner of the Administrative Law department. Before joining Legance he was a member of the Third Section of the Consiglio di Stato. He held different positions, including Capo di gabinetto del Ministro per la funzione pubblica (Chief of staff to the Minister for the Civil Service), Capo di gabinetto del Ministro del commercio con l’estero (Chief of staff to the Minister of Foreign Trade), Capo dell’Ufficio legislativo del Ministero della pubblica istruzione (President of the Legislative Office of the Ministry of Education), Legal Advisor to the Minister of Defence and to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He was also a member of the Consiglio di Presidenza della magistratura amministrativa, Segretario Generale dell’Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni, and a Member of the Autorità per la vigilanza sui contratti pubblici (the Authority in charge of supervising public contracts) (now ANAC), during whose term of office he dealt with the protocols of legality, creating them at the time of the launch of this new solution, especially in relations with the Sicily Region, but not only; he teaches Public Contracts Law and Regulation at the Università “LUISS – Guido Carli”. He has been elected Presidente Commissione Normativa (President of the Regulations Board) of IGI – Italian Institute of Major Infrastructures in 2015. Alessandro is currently a member of the scientific committee of Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (company in charge of the promotion and development of renewable sources and energy efficiency in Italy).

Alessandro Botto is mentioned in Chambers and Partners as follows: “Alessandro has great, complete and solid preparation. He is able to deal with complex operations” (2023), “experienced lawyer skilled in public law litigation and legal advice” “[a client praises his] availability and his ability to stand by the client’s side” (2022), “He knows perfectly well every nuance of administrative law” (2020), “excellent lawyer”, “his strengths include his ability to ensure complete and constant assistance for the client” (2019), “very skilled in regulatory work and public contracts” (2017), “he has considerable experience as a litigator in the public law arena” (2016), “widely recognised for his public law practice and for his very complete experience in the sector” (2015), “his presence brings significant weight to contentious proceedings” (2014).

Alessandro Botto is also mentioned in The Legal 500 as follows: “The Manager, Alessandro Botto, is actively present in the management of the assignment through the coordination of the team and direct contributions in the handling of the case”, “Alessandro Botto has great expertise on the subject matter, on the best way to manage or not to manage certain requests during hearings, excellent concise and clear writing which simplifies very complex IT tender matters for the judges. This is of course of help in getting the judge to understand our reasons. He also has great communications skills and he’s very good at creating working relationships”, “Alessandro Botto shows competence, experience and strong customer focus”, “Strong administrative expertise. In particular through the lawyer Alessandro Botto” (2021), “Professor Alessandro Botto is able to understand and solve legal problems at all levels. His experience makes him a point of reference in the market, thanks also to his ability to make himself always available and simplify complex legal issues for clients” and “Alessandro Botto is able to identify the core elements of cases and to advise on an efficient strategy from the beginning. He comes highly recommended” (2020).

In 2019, Alessandro Botto has been awarded “Lawyer of the year for Administrative consultancy for public-law companies and bodies” at the TopLegal Awards.

In 2023, Alessandro Botto has been awarded “Public Law Lawyer of the Year” at the MF Italian Legal Ranking Awards organised by ClassAgorà.