Antigone is an association “for the rights and guarantees in the criminal system”. It is a political-cultural association whose members are mainly judges, people operating within the prison service, scholars, parliamentarians, teachers and citizens interested in criminal justice for various reasons.

In particular Antigone: (i) promotes debates on Italian criminal law and procedural models and their evolution; (ii) collects and distributes information regarding prison life, (iii) takes part in the drafting of law proposals and amendments to the law proposals being approved. Legance and Antigone have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding according to which Legance provides pro bono assistance, and in particular:

  • assistance related to Antigone’s mission, as well as issues regarding administrative or fiscal matters, financial reports and certifications (e.g., drafting of financial statements);
  • joint organisation and management of events and training sessions;
  • support to research activities, including the translation of judgements, legal acts, annual reports and other documents;
  • development and management of the computer network, management and elaboration of the collected data through research activities and, in particular, by the Observatory on prison conditions, management of Antigone’s web sites related to institutional activities or specific activities carried out by Antigone;
  • support to and/or sponsoring of single projects, events or initiatives;
  • support in fundraising activities.

Legance has contributed to the creation of the web site Ragazzi Dentro – Osservatorio sugli Istituti Penali per Minorenni.

Legance in collaboration with the Legal & Compliance Department of MSD Italia and Associazione Antigone edited “A short guide to exercising the right to health care in Italy”.