Legance appoints 6 new partners and 9 new senior counsel in latest round of promotions

Press release

Milan, 28 April 2022 – Legance – Avvocati Associati appoints 6 new partners and 9 new senior counsel.

With Enrico Attanasio, Antonio Matino, Marco Mastrorosa, Marco Romanelli, Elena Ryolo, and Marco Sagliocca joining the Legance partnership, the total number of partners has risen to 59, while the total number of senior counsel has now reached  22 following the promotion of Emanuele Artuso, Giorgio Colombo, Serena Commisso, Gabriella Geatti, Marino Ghidoni, Jacopo Graffer, Laura Li Donni, Maria Macrì, and Giovanni Troisi.

The latest promotions – comments Managing Partner Alberto Maggi – are once again a testament to the Firm’s recognition and appreciation of the expertise and continuous commitment of professionals who stood out and contributed to maintaining Legance’s leading position in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

Enrico Attanasio is a highly skilled litigator (both in court and in arbitration proceedings) with a broad experience in handling commercial, corporate, real estate, bankruptcy, banking, and financial matters, as well as in bankruptcy and liquidation of investment funds.

Antonio Matino has extensive experience in financial law and has been involved in complex and innovative structured finance transactions, including securitisations of performingand non-performingloan portfolios, advising leading Italian and international market players. Antonio has also advised banks, asset managersand intermediaries on financial transactions, and is regularly involved in the structuring and negotiation of derivative contracts, financial guarantees, and performance bonds, as well as in bond and debt security issues. He holds a PhD in commercial law from the University of Milan, and has gained outstanding knowledge on all issues related to bondholders’ conflicts.

Marco Mastrorosa has broad and diversified experience in real estate law, handling both civil law matters (real estate sales and disposals, encumbrances and transcriptions, leases, etc.) and regulatory and administrative matters (building and town planning regulations). Marco also has in-depth knowledge of all issues related to real estate funds.

Marco Romanelli is highly skilled in banking law and financial intermediaries regulations as well as in related litigation. He also has broad experience in the field of digital technologies applied to finance. He assists clients in relation to authorisation procedures before the Bank of Italy and/or the ECB for the establishment of new intermediaries and in complex and innovative extraordinary transactions. Marco also advises corporate bodies and top management, particularly in the definition of governanceand organisational systems and in the drafting of contracts for new products. He also provides legal assistance dealing with challenging administrative sanctions imposed by Supervisory Authorities.

Elena Ryolo is highly skilled in handling labour law and human resources management matters involving, among others,  complex industrial sites, innovative start-ups,and hi-techcompanies. She has broad experience in HR matters related to corporate transactions and reorganisation processes, including industrial relations. Elena also assists clients in the definition of contractual agreements with top management, often in regulated sectors and with regard to executive compensation and co-investment clauses. She regularly advises clients in the drafting of loyalty and incentive plans, as well as non-compete, non-solicitationand non-disclosure agreements in highly sensitive contexts with a view to protecting corporate know-how.

Marco Sagliocca is highly skilled in handling M&A matters, including, in particular, takeover bids, mergers, acquisitions, and other extraordinary transactions involving listed issuers.

Emanuele Artuso has extensive experience in project financing and M&Atransactions, with a focus onthe energy, gas and natural resources sector. He regularly advises leading national and international operators, investment funds and investment banks in all phases of the transactions (development and acquisition of projects, participation in tenders, due diligenceactivities, drafting and negotiation of construction and other project contracts, joint venture, shareholders’ and other agreements ancillary to acquisitions), combining specific expertise in civil, corporate and administrative law.

Giorgio Colombo is a highly skilled litigator and arbitrator in the areas of corporate, banking, financial intermediation, competition, commercial, distribution and advertising contracts, as well as in the procurement, energy and telecommunications sectors. He regularly advises and assists clients in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, other related proceedings, corporate restructuring and reorganisation processes.

Serena Commisso assists Italian and foreign companies in relation to all labour law matters, particularly with reference to termination of top managers, incentives, retentionand welfareplans, as well as all labour law issues connected with M&A transactions. Serena has extensive experience in executive compensationand in the structuring of incentive plans based on financial instruments, including in regulated sectors. She  regularly works together with other Legance departments to provide clients with comprehensive advice on tax, corporate and regulatory matters. Serena also assists clients in labour disputes concerning individual and collective dismissals, reclassification of employment relationships, changes in terms of employment, demotion, mobbing, and anti-union behaviour.

Gabriella Geatti has broad expertise in a wide range of areas of tax law. In particular, she has gained outstanding judicial experience assisting  major  industrial and financial entities in litigation against the Tax Authorities before ordinary courts and the Italian Supreme Court, as well as in tax audits and out-of-court proceedings. Gabriella advises large industrial groups on direct and indirect taxation issues, as well as  on corporate acquisitions, with a focus onthe renewable energy sector, private equityand project financing transactions. She is also highly experienced in financial transactions, with specific reference to financing, bond issues and securitisation.

Marino Ghidoni is an expert of M&A, corporate and capital markets law, with a focus on mergers, acquisitions and joint venturesinvolving listed and unlisted companies. In particular, he has broad experience in drafting and negotiating acquisition, shareholders’, investment and other agreements ancillary to acquisitions, as well as in the regulation of takeover bids.

Jacopo Graffer is a highly skilled IP practitioner providing advice in the field of industrial property, and particularly, in the management and protection of trademark and designportfolios. Jacopo assists clients in relation to the registration and protection of trademarks and designs, identifying and assessing market risks and opportunities. He also drafts and negotiates contracts relating to industrial property rights, providing judicial and extrajudicial assistance.

Laura Li Donni has broad experience in M&A transactions involving listed and unlisted companies. She advises leading domestic and international companies on acquisitions, corporate restructuring, mergers, demergers, business transfers and joint ventures. Laura also has extensive experience in the field of financial market regulation; she advises clients on corporate governanceand reporting requirements, as well as on share and bond placements and takeover bids, dealing with relations with supervisory authorities. Laura is also experienced in negotiating commercial contracts.

Maria Macrì is an expert of banking law, structured finance and project financing, with a focus on  real estate financing, acquisition financing, corporate finance, and project financingtransactions. She has also gained extensive experience advising multinationals, investment banks, financial institutions, and investment funds in real estate securitisations and in the negotiation of debt restructuring agreements.

Giovanni Troisi is an expert of banking law, structured finance and project financing. He has been involved in numerous financing transactions assisting multinationals, investment banks, and financial institutions. In particular, Giovanni is experienced in assisting financial institutions and real estate funds in relation to leveraged buyouttransactions, corporate and mezzanine financing, real estate finance, and  financial debt restructuring transactions. He also deals with structured finance transactions, with a focus on the issue of bonds, placed on both domestic and international markets, mini-bonds, and other debt securities.