A specialised team who deals in rapidly evolving sectors with specific focus on the technical knowledge of services.

The Telecommunications, Media and Technology sectors are experiencing significant change and evolving at a relentless rate. New business development, market evolution, business integration and start-ups create great opportunities and pose equally great challenges.

In this complex scenario, our Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) team helps clients to take advantage of their opportunities and help them face new challenges. Due to our outstanding expertise, we offer high quality legal advice on all aspects of the converging Telecommunications, Media and Technology industries, backed by unrivalled in-depth technical knowledge of the markets, strategic thinking, and strong understanding of the client’s business needs.

Our advice extends across the full spectrum of TMT matters. We assist clients in proceedings before administrative authorities (particularly, AGCOM and the Ministry of Economic Development), in judicial proceedings before civil and administrative courts, as well as in relation to compliance with statutory obligations and in the negotiation and drafting of contracts.

We also regularly support clients in their day-to-day business operations and in extraordinary transactions (including M&A). Our team works closely with the other practices of the Firm, to provide targeted advice on areas such as consumer protection, antitrust, intellectual property and privacy.

Our TMT team is at the forefront of market developments. With a constant focus on new issues emerging from the evolution of innovative products and services, including, in particular, digital ecosystems and the Internet, we can provide cutting-edge legal advice on matters that are not yet regulated by legislation, successfully supporting clients in this fast-moving environment and guiding them through challenging operational and strategic issues.



  • regulatory procedures, including ex-ante obligations and disputes between operators;
  • installation and operation of network infrastructures, with a specific focus on broadband, ultra broadband, and radio transmission networks;
  • acquisition, transfer and operation of frequencies, including 5G;
  • compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations and obtaining of authorisations and concessions;
  • judicial proceedings to challenge administrative decisions and orders before Regional Administrative Courts and the Consiglio di Stato;
  • negotiation and drafting of contracts for the supply of goods and services;
  • antitrust and consumer protection proceedings.


  • authorisations for the provision of linear and non-linear audio-visual services;
  • obligations relating to programming or programming and investment quotas for Italian and EU projects;
  • protection of minors and consumer protection;
  • regulatory and sanctioning proceedings before AGCOM and the Ministry of Economic Development;
  • assisting Pay-TV and FTA/FTV channels in relation to regulatory issues;
  • negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements (including production and distribution of content, licensing agreements, etc.);
  • advice in relation to commercial and advertising communication activities, marketing projects and new advertising models (including branded entertainment).


  • negotiation and drafting of agreements relating to software, IT products and services, and platforms;
  • e-contracts and smart contracts;
  • e-commerce, e-banking, and mobile payments;
  • internet of things (smart cities, M2M services, and smart metering;
  • cloud services;
  • outsourcing of IT equipment and services;
  • cybersecurity.