Maria Cristina Breida

Office: Milan
Languages: English, French, Italian

Maria Cristina Breida, head of Environmental Law Department, regularly assists companies and financial institutions, private equity funds and investment banks in relation to important extraordinary and real estate transactions involving activities with high environmental impact, environmental policies and responsibilities, risk management, innovative green-economy and sustainability projects, urban planning and redevelopment, the development of eco-friendly technologies, as well as the implementation of compliance programs. Her activity also includes assistance to Italian and foreign operators in relation to initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing the cultural heritage and the landscape.

Maria Cristina has also developed remarkable experience in the energy sector, advising on numerous projects in the field of conventional and renewable energy sources with reference to contractual and authorization matters, negotiation with the Public Administration and litigation.

Maria Cristina is an Officer at the I.B.A.’s EHS Committee and was Vice-President of the U.I.A.’s Administrative Law Commission.

In 2020 Maria Cristina Breida has been awarded “Environmental Lawyer of the year” at the TopLegal Awards.

The Legal 500 mentions Maria Cristina as follows “Maria Cristina Breida: extremely punctual, always present for every need and clarification, high ability to identify intervention strategies and develop documents that are concise and effective”.