Quantum Leap: Our LawTech solution for legal document automation.


Drafting of legal documents is a delicate exercise which requires time and concentration, even when dealing with serial legal texts, such as for example, employment contracts, leases, distribution agreements or corporate documentation. At times, unfortunately our clients in-house legal departments do not have sufficient resources to manage the amount of work requested nor an adequate budget to outsource these activities to external firms.

To solve this problem, we have developed Quantum Leap, a solution which combines the know-how of a leading law Firm with third-party cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Through the use of dedicated software, we can in fact automate all the main legal documents that our client usually requires.

Our automated system is not limited to creating a simple template, but “questions” the users and, depending on their answers, rapidly creates the document, with a significant increase in accuracy and reduction in working time.


We check the client’s document drafting needs and together identify the legal models that need to be automated. Through proprietary algorithms, we code the text and elaborate an interface, which, by filling in a simple form, will guide the user in drafting the document. The interface can be enhanced with examples, guide-lines and information which also allow it to be used by juniors. The client can access the tool through an exclusive portal. Our fees are proportionate to the complexity of the coding phase and the number of user licenses required by the client to access out technological solution.


We have a team of about 10 professionals, who, with the support of our specialised IT department, have dedicated the last months to developing this innovative LawTech tool for the benefit of our clients.

If you would like to organize a presentation of our solution, please contact Gabriele Capecchi.