The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) aims at spreading sport in Italy among diverse ranges of population to combat any exclusion, racism, disparity based on nationality, sex, and sexual orientation, and to conciliate the economic dimension of sport with its innate popular, social, cultural and educational dimension.

In consideration of these objectives, Legance and CONI entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, whereby Legance offers to CONI and the athletic world in general the following pro bono services:

  • availability to assist athletes on a pro bono basis within the framework of CONI’s free legal aid department or within the relevant Sports Federations;
  • cooperation in the development and management of projects connected with sports and CSR falling within the scope of Legance’s shared values (sport and prison, sport in poor areas, sport to support social inclusion, sport and handicap);
  • the organization and the management of seminars, conferences, events or other training initiatives, hosted at one of Legance’s offices, in order to promote and share common CSR values.