Since 2019 Legance has been joining the program “Corporate Golden Donor” in support of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), the Italian entity that from 40 years promotes and preserves the patrimony of art and landscape in Italy. This support included a two-year agreement for the sponsorship of Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli. In 2021, Legance is supporting FAI with a donation for the maintenance of Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

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IBBY, International
Board on Book for Young people, is an international non-profit organisation
which aims to bridge the gap between books and younger generations.

In 2021, Legance signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IBBY, whereby it committed to support in particular the project “BILL – Library of Legality”. The project aims at spreading the culture of legality and justice among younger generations, by distributing volumes of a selected bibliography in suitcases and making them available to schools and libraries.

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In 2019, Legance launched the “Zero Emissions” project, an internal initiative aimed at raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including, in particular, the development of sustainable cities and infrastructures, global warming and promoting sustainable consumption methods.

The project aims to reduce the
greenhouse gas emissions produced by the various offices to zero, via
environmental compensation projects and rationalisation of energy expenditure.

The ambitious objectives sought have involved an analysis,

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Antigone is an association “for the rights and guarantees in the criminal system”. It is a political-cultural association whose members are mainly judges, people operating within the prison service, scholars, parliamentarians, teachers and citizens interested in criminal justice for various reasons.

In particular Antigone: (i) promotes debates on Italian criminal law and procedural models and their evolution; (ii) collects and distributes information regarding prison life, (iii) takes part in the drafting of law proposals and amendments to the law proposals being approved.

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The Polisportiva “Atletico Diritti” Club was founded by Progetto Diritti and Antigone, with the patronage of the Rome university Università di Roma Tre.

In particular, Legance sponsored Atletico Diritti football club to take part in the third category of the Rome championship 2017/2018.

The Atletico Diritti football team is a made up of migrants, detainees, former prisoners and university students, it was set up with the aim to play football for social integration, anti-racism,

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The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) aims at spreading sport in Italy among diverse ranges of population to combat any exclusion, racism, disparity based on nationality, sex, and sexual orientation, and to conciliate the economic dimension of sport with its innate popular, social, cultural and educational dimension.

In consideration of these objectives, Legance and CONI entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, whereby Legance offers to CONI and the athletic world in general the following pro bono services:

  • availability to assist athletes on a pro bono basis within the framework of CONI’s free legal aid department or within the relevant Sports Federations;
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The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) is an intergovernmental organisation devoted exclusively to promoting the rule of law. IDLO works to build confidence in the justice system by supporting legal and institutional reforms and promoting good governance. IDLO improves access to justice by enabling governments to uphold human rights and encouraging people to assert them. IDLO facilitates innovative legal approaches to support sustainable development and economic opportunity and is represented at the United Nations in New York and Geneva.

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Legance sponsors KIDS Gala Dinner 2019. KIDS, an English charity, founded over 48 years ago, providing a wide range of support services to disabled children, young people and their families.

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Loyola University Chicago School of Law organises a Master of Law (LL.M.) in its Rome campus PROLAW which prepares students for a legal career, with focus on students coming from developing countries, in a period of economic transition or recovery after conflict.

Legance and Loyola University Chicago School of Law entered into a Memorandum of Understanding whereby which Legance will cooperate to support the School of Law.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding Legance (i) offers to contribute to students’ fees and day to day expenses,

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In 2019 Legance and MSD Italia S.r.l. (Merck Group) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that aims at developing joint initiatives in the respective CSR programmes.

In particular, according to the Memorandum of Understanding Legance shall:

  • involve MSD in its CSR activities in the areas of human rights and health and safety;
  • offer MSD staff opportunities to speak at CSR events;
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Legance is one of the founders of the Pro Bono Italia Association, the first association of lawyers, law firms and judicial associations, to promote pro bono culture in Italy.

Through its associates, the Association provides free legal advice and on a voluntary basis, in favour of non profit organisations pursuing social purposes, providing assistance to natural persons who have difficulty in obtaining legal assistance and access to the justice system, promoting the protection of human rights and the improvement of the legal system.

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Legance and UNICEF Italia entered into a Memorandum of Understanding under the “UNICEF Business Lab”, a project launched by UNICEF and intended for Italian companies, consisting in training and debate sessions on the protection and respect of the rights of under 18s, with the aim to identify and promote sustainable business strategies which take into account the rights of children and teenagers.

In particular, the Memorandum of Understanding includes several activities,

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Legance and UNIDO, an organisation of the United Nations that promotes industrial development to reduce poverty, favour inclusive globalisation and environmental sustainability, have entered into a Project Cooperation Agreement to support the Italy-based project called “Entrepreneurs for Social Change – E4SC”, financed by Fondazione CRT originated from the Italian bank Cassa di Risparmio di Torino aimed at providing support to young social entrepreneurs to bring about positive social change in communities of the Euro-Mediterranean region and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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In 2019 Legance joined The Pledge, the program commissioned by members of the international arbitration community to obtain equal opportunities and fair representation of women appointed as arbitrators.

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